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guest : Bracha Avraham

Stuck To Ground

Russian Immigrants in Brooklyn enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

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No Enemy But Peace

a bleak exorcism of ideals. enjoy!

Short Story

Working Class Poverty

A penniless hipster makes a new friend in a homeless mensch.

Matthew Wright
About The Author
Matthew Wright

I wrote my first novel when I was 14; a horror-fantasy story so inane it’s difficult to admit to even the title. After The Grip, I kept my writing to myself until I went to Brooklyn College in 2000. It was at Brooklyn that I met my mentor, Carey Harrison, a remarkable writer who continues to be an inspiration and friend. While everyone else tried to turn writing students into Dave Eggers, Carey encouraged us to find our own voice. Six of my plays were produced, one by BRIC Studios and a few by Hassberry Theatre Company. I’ve written 4 novels since I graduated. I hope to use Sandbox more to host guest writers, as I spend most of my writing hours editing those novels.

long works

unfinished novels + lengthy nonfiction


it’s the people who try hard to forget who go the farthest later to remember.

Vipassana Meditation

a meditation technique taught over the course of a silent 10-day retreat.