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They Can’t Say We Never Tried

Two women try to become friends when their friend in common moves away.

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Even In The Locker Room, Words Matter

As long as Trump has any chance at being president whatever I can do to fight that I will.

guest : Bracha Avraham

Stuck To Ground

Russian Immigrants in Brooklyn enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

Matthew Wright
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Matthew Wright

From an early age I loved novels. I wrote my first at 14. I graduated high school in 1992, but instead of sticking to college, I moved to New York and waited tables when I wasn’t reading, writing, or blacking out drunk. I kept my writing to myself until I went to Brooklyn College from 2000 to 2004. I was mentored there by Carey Harrison, a remarkable writer who continues to be an inspiration and friend. While everyone else tried to turn students into Dave Eggers, Carey encouraged reckless abandon and wild experimentation. Six of my plays were produced, one by BRIC Studios and a few by Hassberry Theatre Company. I’ve written 4 novels since I graduated and started this blog to keep track of the past, present, and future of my work. Thanks for stopping by!



it’s the people who try hard to forget who go the farthest later to remember.

Vipassana Meditation

What is it?

a meditation technique taught over the course of a silent 10-day retreat.

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Sandbox Fiction

My best work is written joyfully. Even if the subject matter is dark, my writing comes from a part of me that loves the hell out of being here. Some people have church or CrossFit. I have this. It’s schmaltzy to say that art is how I find meaning. It’s also not true. Writing reveals the fevered quest for meaning as the ridiculous endeavor it is. As a kid I didn’t need that crap. If it was pouring rain I didn’t cover up and run for cover. I went out and played in the mud. Sandbox Fiction is a place to make messes, to enjoy myself, and connect with a few like-minded nuts.