I write a lot about characters at odds with their past. Kuhreihen follows a group of people who are invited to join a game. The story is built on the idea that it’s the people who try the hardest to believe their past isn’t important that would go to the greatest lengths to recover all they tried to forget. The game begins when each contestant is presented with a showroom-quality copy of the first car they ever owned, and a map to a location where the next stage of the contest will be revealed.

The title is taken from a traditional Swiss melody, Kuhreihen, that gives some people a yearning for home that’s impossible to ignore. It’s played on the Alphorn, those long trumpets that Ricola Cough Drops made famous. The sounds are so strong that the Swiss military forbid it in the trenches, because soldiers hearing it would abandon their posts and head home.

Important Disclosure

This story is unfinished.

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