The 100

A cross-country travelogue featuring an old Audi and Nina Simone.

Beyond Belief

2 young friends state their cases for and against an afterlife.


A recently evicted man gets help on the street while waiting for the mail.

Judy And The Dream Of Horses

A 13-year-old girl runs an illegal gambling club overlooking the track.

Joe’s Last Penny

A ne’er-do-well recovering from a disastrous life choice contemplates the nature of time.


A head-injury patient on a drug trial recovers lost memories as far back as his birth.

Not Scared

A young couple on vacation at the beach observe the quick friendship of a young boy and the couple’s dog.

Nobody Here Named Hank

A working class guy, invisible for years, gets the attention of one of his betters.


A once golden boy reflects on his life after a glory-robbing accident.

Such A Nice Couple

A drunken couple in a small town finally have enough of each other.

I Don’t Make Gardens

A first-generation American gets in touch with her heritage by devoting herself to her father’s profession.

Does This Belong To Anyone?

an office party gets out of hand when highly-potent pot brownies accidentally get put on the buffet.


A once submissive dog learns to lead the pack when his alpha dies and his family adopts a puppy.

13 Clowns in a Volkswagen

An office worker, trapped in a utility room over a long holiday, comes to grips with his ridiculous death.

Working Class Poverty

A penniless hipster makes a new friend in a homeless mensch.


A lonely girl in the city is adopted as a project by her crazy, elderly neighbor.

They Can’t Say We Never Tried

Two women try to become friends when their friend in common moves away.

Dorothy in the Poppies

A florist in a small town obsesses over a married couple who are regular customers.

Corn Muffin Bump

A man stuck in his apartment recovering from an injury fends off the unsolicited help of an eccentric neighbor.

Mister Fish

A man with narcolepsy tries to determine which of his dreams are helpful insights into his waking life.


Where there is love, there is hope. Where there is not love, there is pork.

Have And Not Hemingway

A pastiche about the morning interaction between an estranged couple and their dog.

Collective Works

A young librarian muses about her love of books and how each thing she reads plays into the daily events of her life.

To Whom It May Concern, I Love You

A man has an awakening and decides to sell everything and explore the unknown.


An agoraphobic woman spends decades of her life expanding her already enormous home.