386 days ago
welcoming 2017

Even if a ride makes you sick, it slows down and comes to a stop. 2016, you can fuck right off.

388 days ago
embracing the dreary

What other options are there? The sun will come out, eventually, all Orphan Annie style.

photo by Greyframe
389 days ago
a cozy extra day

When the dust settles on festivities, all that’s left is a little clean up and savoring the last holiday indulgences.

391 days ago
a delicious kitchen frenzy

Baking up a cheerful storm with a loved one is all I ever really want out of the holidays.

392 days ago
traditions worth keeping

As a kid the holiday starts with a wish list and culminates in a gift that gives you a new view of the world. What’s more supernatural than that?

photo by Jonas Tana
392 days ago
cool it, gravity

Some days the earth’s rotation feels like a treadmill someone mistakenly set for me to ‘Olympian.’

394 days ago
keeping my bearings

The occasional sign is welcome. It let’s me know, however chaotic my life may seem, for one particular endeavor I’ve made it this far.

photo by anggarfer
395 days ago
life begins as someone else’s project

Once you take ownership some of their choices are difficult to understand, and many of your own are impossible to explain.

photo by Jim Choate
396 days ago
the senses step in

When I can’t find the calm to meditate, the cold always overpowers whatever bothered me indoors.

397 days ago
it’s hard to live in the moment

I’m happiest there, but when there’s always somewhere to be and something to leave behind, the present tense doesn’t seem to exist.

photo by Mark Forbes
398 days ago
we are strange creatures

All animals want to explore their environment, but humans have a distinctly different approach.

399 days ago
revision is an insatiable monster

It isn’t until you share your work in front of an audience that it fully exists, and the monster leaves that one piece alone.

photo by Greg Neate
400 days ago
the unknown is good

New situations can make me anxious, but force me to rethink how I do things. If there’s a cozy seat in front of the fire, I’ll stay there.