• 13 Clowns in a Volkswagen

An office worker, trapped in a utility room over a long holiday, comes to grips with his ridiculous death.

  • Beyond Belief

2 young friends state their cases for and against an afterlife.

  • Cecil’s Funeral

a standalone short/excerpt from my completed but unpublished (and unedited) novel, Crooked

  • Collective Works

A young librarian muses about her love of books and how each thing she reads plays into the daily events of her life.

  • Corn Muffin Bump

A man stuck in his apartment recovering from an injury fends off the unsolicited help of an eccentric neighbor.

  • Does This Belong To Anyone?

an office party gets out of hand when highly-potent pot brownies accidentally get put on the buffet.

  • Dogma

A once submissive dog learns to lead the pack when his alpha dies and his family adopts a puppy.

  • Dorothy in the Poppies

A florist in a small town obsesses over a married couple who are regular customers.

  • Fatback

Where there is love, there is hope. Where there is not love, there is pork.

  • Fearless

A once golden boy reflects on his life after a glory-robbing accident.

  • Have And Not Hemingway

A pastiche about the morning interaction between an estranged couple and their dog.

  • I Don’t Make Gardens

A first-generation American gets in touch with her heritage by devoting herself to her father’s profession.

  • Joe’s Last Penny

A ne’er-do-well recovering from a disastrous life choice contemplates the nature of time.

  • Judy And The Dream Of Horses

A 13-year-old girl runs an illegal gambling club overlooking the track.

  • Mister Fish

A man with narcolepsy tries to determine which of his dreams are helpful insights into his waking life.

  • Morris

A recently evicted man gets help on the street while waiting for the mail.

  • Myron

A head-injury patient on a drug trial recovers lost memories as far back as his birth.

  • Nobody Here Named Hank

A working class guy, invisible for years, gets the attention of one of his betters.

  • Not Scared

A young couple on vacation at the beach observe the quick friendship of a young boy and the couple’s dog.

  • Stanley

A lonely girl in the city is adopted as a project by her crazy, elderly neighbor.

  • Such A Nice Couple

A drunken couple in a small town finally have enough of each other.

  • The 100

A cross-country travelogue featuring an old Audi and Nina Simone.

  • They Can’t Say We Never Tried

Two women try to remain friends when their friend in common moves away.

  • To Whom It May Concern, I Love You

A man has an awakening and decides to sell everything and explore the unknown.

  • Working Class Poverty

A penniless hipster makes a new friend in a homeless mensch.