My name is Matthew Wright. Sandbox Fiction is a collection of short stories, all but 6 written in 2014.

I don’t write short stories. I don’t often read short stories. I’ve always preferred novels so always preferred writing novel-length fiction. I’ve written 5 or 7 novel-length stories, but very few have gotten a spit and polish. The first draft for me is where all the fun lives.

Editing is a skill I don’t have the temperament or passion for. It’s only something I’ve done as the original dream of publishing a novel faded farther into the past. I hope someday to clean up one of my manuscripts enough to get it published.

There are some good ideas in these stories, and a few I think succeed at creating a small world. My personal favorite is Stanley, but I also really like the kid at the heart of Judy And The Dream Of Horses. They work as standalones, but I would love to turn both of them into a novel.

The characters in Stanley, especially, felt immediately like friends the moment they hit the page. Something happens each time I read it. I miss them in an inexplicable way that happens when you read or write. Dítě, the protagonist of I Served the King of England haunts me like that, and Woolf’s Orlando, Kingsolver’s Lusa from Prodigal Summer.

Thanks for stopping by. If you’d like to say hello or recommend a book with a character that stays with you, use the form below.